Former Bengals

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From time to time we have adult bengals for who we search a new home. After some years of breeding they have the right to be spayed /neuetered and enjoy the free stressles life of a beloved pet. They are beautiul animals with the best pedigrees, show results and famous lines. They are affectionate and it is very hard for us to say good by to them. Only the very best intentions on the side of the new family  can persuade us to part with them.


On this page we will show the ex-breeders available for new families:



At the moment we have this beautiful bengal to place:

 Nischadi's Abhaya, born 8.2.2014, is the cat of a friend. She cannot stay with her Family because of problems with the house keeper. She is looking for a new home as pet. She is a cat without problems, cuddly and kind, interested in people and animals. She gas got a chip and all vaccinations, a veterinary certificate and and a Pedigree by TICA Europe. She comes from the cattery Nischadi in Germany.





 We have several times a year kittens available in pet quality or breeding / show quality. When a kitten is sold as a pet, it must be altered before the age of one year. The price is starting by 1'800 Sfr. As breeding / show quality we sell kittens that are carefully evaluated and fulfill more precisely the standard prescribed for the bengal race (shape and order of rosettes, form of the head, ears, contrast etc...). You can ask us about the price for breeding /show quality kittens. The price for silver bengals will be higher than brown bengals. We will make the evaluation at the age of 4 weeks and publish it here in the homepage. You can also aquire a show / breeding quality kitten without wanting to show or breed it, just for your own pleasure. The kittens leave us at the age of at least 12 weeks, better 16 weeks,  they are two times vaccinated, two times dewormed, they are registered with TICA and posess a recent veterinary certificate of health and a Rosetas pedigree. It is essential for us that our kittens are healthy and well socialised when they leave our cattery, are used to other cats, dogs, children, other  members of the family, vacuum cleaner and the car, so that they do not show fear when they come to their new homes. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.